Contrary to popular belief, watering and mowing alone are not enough to create a thick green layer of grass over your lawn. The process requires considerable amount of time and efforts. Chandler’s Turf Pro offers a wide range of lawn care services to help its customers create the luxurious landscape that they desire.

From weed control to aeration and shrub care, Chandler’s Turf Pro’s lawn care services cater to all your needs. The company utilizes its unique combination of over two decades of experience, access to high quality human resources, and a passion to fulfill to exceed its customers’ expectations to transform the look and feel of just about any lawn.

Lawn Care

Chandler’s seasonal treatment plans provide your lawn the attention and care it needs throughout the year. From application of moisture retaining techniques in the summer season to moss control in winters, Chandler’s experts deliver you great results in every season.

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Shrub Care

Chandler’s keeps trees and shrubs healthy and green with its shrub care services. By eradicating different shrub diseases and insects, the experts make caring for your beautiful shrubs and trees easy.

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Insects and Diseases

Chandler’s offers pest and insect control services to help you keep them where they belong — outside your home. The company utilizes best-quality pesticides that are environment and human friendly and offer high insect kill rate. The result is a lush green lawn that is free from all lawn diseases and insects.

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Aeration and Over-Seeding

Protect your lawn from becoming a safe haven for different lawn insects and diseases by opting for Chandler’s core aeration and over-seeding services. The process increases the penetrability of the soil and creates a thick velvety grass layer by allowing water and nutrients to go to the roots.

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Chandler’s Turf Pro has established a stellar reputation for being a customer-focused quality lawn care services provider. With over 25 years of experience of serving an extensive customer base comprising of businesses and households, the company has developed the expertise required to care for lawn in a variety of terrains.

To learn more about the services of Chandler’s Turf Pro, please call at 662-895-4110.