Aeration and Overseeding

Everyone wants to keep the grass greener on their side of the fence, but very few actually realize the importance of conducting yearly core aeration. It’s a valuable activity that improves the penetrability of the soil and allows water, minerals, and other nutrients to go to the roots of your lawn, creating the perfect premium carpet-like layer of grass that your neighbors will envy.   

As strenuous as valuable it is, aeration requires assistance from an expert who has an extensive experience of providing lawn seeding and aeration services to a number of clients. Therefore, to help you with this task, Chandler’s Turf Pro provides expert aeration and overseeding services to both residential and commercial customers. Our company has helped maintained thousands of its clients a thick, lush green lawn where they can lie relax and unwind.

Lawn Aeration Services


High traffic can cause compaction of the soil, which consequently reduces its water and nutrient absorbing properties causing the root and grass growth to diminish. Lawn aeration is a process that breaks down the soil compacts and improves the penetration of water and nutrients into the soil, creating a ground that is fertile and soft to touch.

When deciding to do lawn aeration, it is important that you choose the right time based on the grass type and area. Some lawns deliver best results when aerated at the beginning of the growing season, while others do better when aerated at the end.

There are certain signs that you may look for in order to determine whether your lawn needs aeration or not.

  • Thatch layer which is thicker than one-half inch
  • Water puddling following rain showers
  • Grass that looks thin or is present in patches
  • Heavy clay soil
  • Lawns used for parking of vehicles

If you’re still unsure, you may consider calling Chandler’s Turf Pro at 662-895-4110.

Overseeding Services


One of the most effective ways to make your lawn look thick and lush through the year is lawn overseeding. Overseeding involves planting to grass seeds into the turf to improve its density and fill in bare spots that lead to a barren, patchy appearance of the lawn. The result of an effective overseeding process is enhanced color and appearance of the lawn that adds to your property’s curb appeal.

Overseeding can help improve the appearance and texture of all lawns, regardless of their grass varieties. You may need overseeding if:

  • Your lawn looks worn-out and dull
  • Your lawn needs increasing amounts of water and fertilizer to thrive with each passing day
  • Your lawn is prone to lawn insects and diseases
  • You want to replace your turf grass with a new variety that is better able to withstand drought, traffic, lawn diseases, and insects

The best time to overseed your lawn is fall. Not only the soil is warmer in the fall, but also there are fewer weeds and plenty of sunshine to promote growth of the seeds. The next best time is spring. It is also recommended that you do overseeding along with core aeration because this improves the seed-to-ground contact and leads to growth of thick, lush green grass.

Find Out More

Interested in seasonal lawn aeration or overseeding? Let Chandler’s Turf Pro help you calculate how much seed you will need to turn the yellow, patchy look of your lawn into a lush green velvety surface. To learn more, call at 662-895-4110.