Shrub Care

Nothing adds to the curb appeal of your home or commercial property like a beautiful, well-planned and executed landscape. However, just like any other investment, your landscape requires regular care without which it may turn into an dull, dry piece of land, causing your efforts and money to go in vain. To help you keep your investment in fantastic condition, Chandler’s Turf Pro provides superior shrub care services.

Chandler’s Tree and Shrub Care Service


Monitoring each and every shrub for the presence of insects or diseases, applying fertilizers, and monitoring the results can prove to be a tedious task. Being a client-focused, industry-leading company, Chandler’s Turf Pro provides comprehensive shrub care services that cater to all your tree and shrub care needs. From shrub care to treatment of common shrub diseases, the expert professionals of the company tackle all issues effectively so that your home’s or office’s landscape looks visually appealing at all times.

Some of the shrub care services offered by the company include:

Insect and Disease Control

Various lawn insects, such as aphids, spider mites, and beetles may attack untreated shrubs and trees very easily, causing their discoloration, defoliation, or even death. To help you keep all these lawn diseases and insects at bay, Chandler’s Turf Pro uses different pesticides that are non-toxic to plants, but lethal to insects. In addition to this, the company also conducts regular checks to diagnose any issues at an early stage before they turn into a major problem.

Shrub Fertilization

Shrubs and trees thrive and grow into a healthy, mature plant at different pH values. If the soil is too acidic or too alkaline, the growth that you desire may not occur and you may fail to get any impressive results from your landscaping investment. Chandler’s Turf Pro designs a customized fertilization program for the optimal growth of your shrubs and makes them look healthy and green year-around.

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Being one of the leading lawn service companies in the industry today, Chandler’s Turf Pro has developed the skills required to ensure proper care of your shrubs and trees. If you’re interested in preserving the beauty of your lush landscape, you may consider calling at 662-895-4110.